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Join us for Prolific Presents, our new Webinar series
Andrew Gordon
January 25, 2023

Join us each month to discover fresh insights from researchers working in cutting-edge fields. Places are limited. Reserve yours now.

How much should you pay research participants?
George Denison
January 16, 2023

Fair pay can make a big impact on data quality, as well as the ethics of your study. Learn how to calculate a suitable reward for your study.

8 things to keep in mind when designing a research study
George Denison
January 16, 2023

Good research design can improve the quality of your data. In this guide, we’ll explain how to design a research study, with 8 key points to keep in mind.

Evaluating Prolific in repeated assessment and substance use research: An interview with Professor Kasey Stanton
Andrew Gordon
January 11, 2023

Dr Kasey Stanton, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Wyoming, discusses his latest paper on the utility of online recruitment for psychometric substance use research.

Qualitative vs. quantitative data: which do you need?
George Denison
January 9, 2023

Discover the key differences between qualitative vs. quantitative data. Find out how to choose the right option for your study.

Exploratory vs. confirmatory research: which is right for your study?
George Denison
January 5, 2023

Don't get exploratory and confirmatory research confused. Discover the key differences between them and which is right for your study.

What are AI ethics? 5 principles explained
George Denison
January 3, 2023

What are AI ethics? Discover 5 key principles of ethical AI and why high-quality data is critical to achieving them.

How to write good survey questions for online research: 6 simple rules
George Denison
December 19, 2022

There are many ways that question phrasing can introduce bias and other complications which will affect your findings. Follow these six simple rules to ensure your research questions reap the best data quality. 

5 questions to ask before creating an online survey for research
George Denison
December 14, 2022

Ensure your online research survey gives you the high-quality data you need. Ask yourself these 5 critical questions before getting started.

4 shocking AI bias examples
George Denison
November 22, 2022

This blog explores 4 of the most notable examples where AI that was created with the best intentions ended up reflecting society’s worst prejudices.

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