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Our online platform connects you with participants from around the world for human-in-the-loop tasks.

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Prolific powers revolutionary AI models

Collect comprehensive data at high volume, quickly and reliably. Find your perfect participants to recruit for your tasks again and again.

Gather rich responses

Exceptionally detailed, accurate, and honest free-text responses are at your fingertips.

Speed up

Run high volume tasks faster. Automate your workflows with our API.

Scale easily

Run tasks with thousands of trusted participants at once. Or engage a few favorites, again and again.

Start fast

Prolific is plug and play. Access participants for tasks instantly. On tap, no fuss.

Integrate anything

Whether that's your own tool or a third-party app - just add the link.

Sleep soundly

We don’t cut corners. Every participant you work with is vetted carefully, paid fairly, and treated ethically.

How it works

Set up tasks in your tool of choice and add the link to Prolific

Find the participants you need with 250+ free screeners

Set your price and publish the study

Watch the rich responses roll in!

Find your participants


Service fee

Participants should keep 100% of their rewards. So we charge our platform fee on top (we reduce this fee for non-profit and academic institutions).

Audience filters

Our 250+ pre-set filters are free to use. Choose a representative sample for an additional cost.

Participant rewards

Everyone’s time is valuable, so the minimum reward allowed is £6.00/$8.00 per hour.

Try our cost calculator

Ethical data that benefits everyone

We invest in and protect our participants. So you can build your research on rich data and ethical practices.


Fair pay is crucial to high quality responses. Our minimum pay threshold ensures you get the detailed data you need and participants get the compensation they deserve.


We protect the identities of our participants. You get their honest responses because they feel secure in giving them.


Participants always opt in to tasks. They don’t have to take part in anything they don’t want to do.

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What our researchers say

“We trust Prolific to help us gather valid, high-quality data because of their vetting process and emphasis on the fair and ethical treatment of participants.”

- Janet Pauketat, Research Fellow at the Sentience Institute

“Other companies quoted up to 1 month to receive results. Prolific’s data collection was completed in 1 hour.”

- Gadi Mikles, CPO at BioEye

“ has been an important part of our data collection efforts. The platform is easy to use and has a large pool of diverse and engaged participants.”


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