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Our new Prolific Principles

Seven years after our launch, the time is ripe to reflect deeply on everything we've done, and everything we want to achieve. We're excited to launch our new Prolific principles, tenets we will actively live and work by to build a company we can all be truly proud of.

Travel Confidence in the UK

In September 2021, we surveyed 1,000 people from the UK to understand their attitudes towards travel during the COVID 19 pandemic. The sample was representative of the general population on the basis of age, sex and ethnicity. We also collected information on political preferences and household income for analysis purposes.

Our new Plain English Privacy Policy & Legal Terms

At Prolific we take data privacy seriously. We've recently updated our standard privacy notices, and the legal terms applicable to your use of Prolific, to make them more readable and to reflect some new product features and developments in law. We'll publish the new versions soon, but thought you might like a preview.

Vaccine Donations vs Booster Shots - What Does the UK Public Think?

We measured UK residents’ preferences regarding global vaccine distribution.

How is the British public reacting to the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions?

On July 19 2021, the UK Government lifted the majority of Covid-19 restrictions. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has been investigating the social impact of this change in their regular bulletins. We asked our participant pool some similar questions (and some new ones). We launched the study to a representative sample of 3000 UK residents on August 9th 2021. The sample was balanced based on age, sex, and ethnicity, taking around 24 hours to complete.