Why Prolific?

Reach a diverse pool of 70,000+ vetted participants with Prolific to accelerate your psychological and behavioral research. Recruit niche and nationally representative samples on-demand.

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Our users love Prolific because

It's data you can trust

Our quality checks make sure that our participants are engaged & trustworthy. P.S. We're GDPR compliant!

It's quick & easy to use

Get your results in hours, not weeks. We're improving our user experience all the time.

Prescreening is flexible & free!

Narrow down your target audience to find exactly the right participants.

Our support team is always on hand

You'll get the best advice from our team of scientists and experts in online research.

Our pricing is transparent & affordable

75% of the study cost goes directly to your respondents. Try our pricing calculator.

You can easily retarget participants

Invite participants for follow-up studies or exclude them from surveys.

Prolific vs. MTurk

How are we different?

33% vs 40% commission

In addition to making our pricing transparent, we only take a 33% cut instead of the 40% fee MTurk charges. You can easily find out how much your study would cost in total with our pricing calculator.


Accessible participants

MTurk doesn't report it's active user numbers.[1] At Prolific, we always show active participants numbers, not total pool size, because accessible participants is what really matters.


Fast turnaround

With a few clicks, you can set up your study, publish it, and collect responses. The average completion time for a study on Prolific is < 2 hours. This means we’re on a par with MTurk when it comes to speed.

On-demand, self serve

Cut out the middlemen, recruit your own participants, and collect data at 10x the speed compared to traditional research panel solutions. Everything is within your control and your budget.

Diverse, responsive, and “naive” participants

Participants on Prolific are more honest, more responsive, and more naive compared to those on MTurk. MTurk has a “superworker” problem: the top 5% of participants took ~40% of all studies![1] On Prolific this is halved!

Free prescreening

Screening participants at no extra cost* for any demographic or performance-based requirements you have. This will provide you exactly with the sample you need - without compromises due to your budget.

*Prescreening is free for existing demographic screeners. Should you need a niche sample of participants beyond the scope of our prescreening tool, contact us for more information.

Representative samples

Nationally representative samples make your research more generalizable, increasing the validity of your results and conclusions of your study. You can now supercharge the robustness of your study by getting a representative sample on Prolific!

Ethical rewards

Part of high quality research is complying with universal ethical standards. Unlike MTurk and other platforms, we enforce a minimum hourly compensation of $6.5 for all participants. Read more about it here.

Built-in tools for multi-part studies

With our built-in tools, you can continue running follow up studies on the same sample of participants without having to create a new study and trace them manually. Learn more about this feature here.

Message participants anonymously

You can easily communicate with your study participants safely with our in-app messaging system. This helps protect the privacy of participants on our platform, without taking away your ability to communicate with them. Learn more about it here.

Scientific expertise

Get help from our customer support team that comes with extensive training and experience in scientific research. You can easily submit a request to ask any questions you may have.

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