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Our participant pool is profiled, high quality and fast. The average study is completed in under 2 hours. Filter participants using 100+ demographic screeners (e.g. sex, age, nationality, first language), create custom screeners, or generate a UK/US representative sample.
Female graduates
US nationals
People in full-time employment
UK residents earning over £20,000
Parents who voted leave in the Brexit referendum
Women who are hardcore video gamers

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Use cases

Behavioural research

Deeply understand how people around the world feel, think and behave.
Use Prolific's unparalleled prescreening system to quickly find niche or nationally representative samples at the click of a button. Read CBS's story

User research

Learn why and how users use your product or app, and how you could improve it.
Prolific can help you check in with the right target audience so you can make informed product decisions. Easily run longitudinal studies. Read MeasuringU's story

Market research

Get on-demand insight into the needs and wants of customers and market trends.
Use Prolific's self-service platform to get insights in hours, not weeks. Our high data quality means you get deep, accurate insights. Read Arbit's story

Don't compromise on quality

  • Quality participants, every time
    Prolific verifies and monitors participants with sophisticated checks so you can get data fast, without compromising data quality. You only pay for data you approve.
  • Seamless integration
    Easily integrate Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Gorilla, Typeform, or any other software using just a link. Implement complex designs such as longitudinal studies.


Prolific has been used to recruit participants for 100s of published studies
Peer et al. (2017) commend Prolific's high data quality and see it as superior to alternative platforms.
This research showed that Prolific's participants are 1) more honest 2) more internationally diverse and 3) less exposed to common research tasks as compared to participants on other platforms (including MTurk).
Palan & Schitter (2017) recommend Prolific as the dedicated solution for online participant recruitment.
This publication assessed Prolific's functionality. The researchers praised Prolific's transparency and usability, in particular the prescreening tool that lets you find target demographics at the click of a button.

Prolific is amazing. 4,000 participants in less than 24 hours: the stuff of dreams.

Greg Simmonds


University of Oxford

Prolific has proven invaluable in my PhD so far. It's allowed me to conduct multiple behavioural experiments that otherwise would not have been feasible.

Steph Suddell

PhD Candidate

University of Bristol

I used to dread posting studies online, but Prolific has made online data collection something I look forward to.

Monica Thieu

PhD student

Columbia University

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