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Hire a research consultant

Feel confident about your research. Receive expert advice building, testing, and managing your study for a one-time fee.

What's included?

External survey review and advice

Build a world-class survey that adheres to our guidance and integrates with Prolific.

Help setting up on Prolific

Optimise your study to capture desired demographics quickly while maintaining a reasonable cost.

Submission management

We'll assist with approvals, rejections, returned submissions and participant interactions.

1-to-1 calls

Get custom guidance as and when you need it.


All quotes include 4 hours of consultancy time, with the option to purchase additional time at £100/hr.
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Academic consultancy

£450 per project.
Option to purchase individual services at a reduced cost.

Industry consultancy

£650 per project.

Full project management

You provide the survey, we'll do everything else.
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Meet our lead consultant

Andrew Gordon has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Neuropsychology, and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Bristol.

Before joining Prolific, Andrew was a postdoctoral scholar at the MIND institute, University of California, Davis.

His primary research interests are in misinformation reliance, cognitive control, methodology, and data quality.

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"Setting up a large survey, with a balanced sample and a controlled geographical distribution has been immensely facilitated with the help of Prolific's consultant. He took the time to understand the research goal and suggest the best setup for our requirements. I would repeat signing on to the advisory service."

"Prolific is my go-to source to collect high-quality survey data, fast. Setting up and collecting data is seamless, enabled by their user friendly self-serve platform, vast pool of vetted survey panelists, and the ability to consult with dedicated survey methodology experts who are eager and willing to answer questions throughout."

"A genuine lifesaver, my consultancy time with Andrew has been thoughtful, thorough, interesting and most of all has given me the confidence and skills to go ahead and finish this research."

Diego Casado-Mansilla, PhD
University of Deusto

PhD student
Wayne State University

Behavioural researcher

Feel confident about your research