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We've increased the minimum participant reward

Why increasing the reward is important for research participants and data quality.

Prolific's data quality just got even better with Onfido ID verification

Making sure we have a real, human participant pool is massively important for data quality. You can’t have fake people giving answers. You also can’t have the same person answering the same survey twice. That's why we now use Onfido at Prolific.

Prolific is closing for an extended Easter break

We’re giving our Prolificos an extended Easter break. The whole company will be out of office from 6pm GMT Wednesday 13th April, and will return to work at 9am GMT Wednesday 20th April. Here's why and how it'll work.

We’ve updated our attention and comprehension check guidance

At Prolific we want our researchers to be confident that the participants in their studies are truly paying attention to what is being asked of them and understand the requirements of the research. Although we do everything we can to ensure our sample as a whole exhibits high levels of attention and comprehension, we also advocate the use of checks within researchers' surveys as an extra line of defence.

Data quality of platforms and panels for online behavioral research

Data quality is a top priority for us here at Prolific. We're on a mission to empower great research, and we know that great research starts with data you can trust. The top reason researchers come to us is for the quality of our data, and we are so confident in the quality of our participant pool that we decided to test it against other major online recruitment platforms.